2018 UNAC/UHCP Convention Wrap-Up Day Four

“I want to thank the people in this room who are representing 32,000 hardworking health care professionals and nurses. We organize, we service, we fight for a whole array of people in the health care system who try to take good care of patients every single day.”

—Denise Duncan, RN, UNAC/UHCP President, closing remarks to the #UNACUHCP2018 convention.

The final day of the convention began with a special recognition for UNAC/UHCP member Alexis Goudeau, RN, Kaiser LAMC, who founded and runs Highly Favored: A Blessing to Others, a charitable organization that performs outreach to the homeless, distributing supplies and resources. UNAC/UHCP partnered with her for last year’s Backpack Friday on the day after Thanksgiving, to distribute 500 backpacks filled with blankets, toiletries and cleaning supplies on downtown LA’s skid row.

“Imagine if you were among the forgotten,” Goudeau said, addressing the delegates. “There are more than 50,000 homeless on the streets of Los Angeles; enough to fill Dodger Stadium. These are all human beings, and they should not be forgotten regardless of social class.”

Watch a video about her work posted on our Facebook page this morning and consider getting involved with this year’s fourth annual Backpack Friday.

Tom Steyer addressed the convention next, a wealthy business leader who has become a dedicated activist on a spectrum of interconnected issues: the environment, workers’ rights, income inequality, education and health care.

“Our health also depends on the right to clean air and clean water,” said Steyer. “Guaranteeing a safe life for all means delivering environmental justice.”

Larry Smith led delegates through an exercise in the power of personal storytelling—in six words. Find some of our delegates best on our Facebook page.

Winding up the day and the convention, delegates debated and voted on a few remaining amendments, heard President Duncan’s final remarks and acknowledgments, and watched a video recapping highlights of the entire convention, posted here. Then delegates who’ve given to PEOPLE at the Champion level or above gathered on stage in their black Champion t-shirts for a group photo.

Watch a final convention summary video.
Watch the slideshow summary from today.