2018 UNAC/UHCP Scholarship Winners

In 2018, UNAC/UHCP received hundreds of scholarship applications. Each application and essay were given careful consideration. The scholarship program was made possible by member volunteers who helped score applications. UNAC/UHCP members personally reviewed and scored each application three times according to set criteria before winners were determined.

Congratulations to our winners, listed below.

2018 Kathy J. Sackman Member Scholarship Winners

Cheryl Burnett

Grace Lomibao

Marnie Morales

Phoebedel Reyes

Hannah Robertson

2018 Sonia Moseley Family Scholarship Winners

Luz Bertadillo

Eric Byeon

Hannah Chew

Aiyanna Milliet

Charnise Taylor

2018 Delima MacDonald Community Scholarship Winners

Christopher Kawata

Eunyoung Kim

Justine Rio Ang Lee

Victoria Manurung

Manuel Morales



Special thanks to this year’s Scholarship Review Committee! This program would not be possible without all our wonderful volunteer reviewers.