2020 State Officer Candidates

UNAC/UHCP State Treasurer Candidate Biographies

Peter Sidhu, RN, BSN

Like my nursing career, I have grown in my Union career. I started nearly 20 years ago as a Medical-Surgical Nurse, then progressed to the Relief Charge in ICU in 2005. Before nursing, I attended school for finance, which proved useful when I became affiliate treasurer. Later, I served as Contract-Specialist and then Hospital President. As the Hospital President, I was a part of the Bluebook bargaining team that negotiated the first Just Culture language.

I joined the staff of UNAC/UHCP in 2012 as the first Staff-Representative for both SCNSC and KPMWON. In 2014, I became the Staff-Representative for Kaiser Woodland Hills. There, I led the safe-staffing campaign and increased our strength by adding 75 new full-time positions.

In 2015, I requested to assist the Saint Francis bargaining team to bolster my negotiating skills. Later that year, I attended Cornell University’s program in labor relations to further my bargaining abilities, including learning how to draft collective bargaining agreements.

In 2018, Bill Rouse asked me to lead negotiations for SCNSC Bargaining. Seeing an opportunity to engage with our membership – I worked with UNAC/UHCP’s communication department to bring daily video updates, which I knew the employer followed closely. This culminated with the most significant challenge of my career, serving as the co-lead for SHARP San Diego bargaining.

I returned to Woodland Hills with additional tools to increase our power and, in the last year, won the first Staffing Grievance against Kaiser. Our team recently marched on the boss, and we served them with a Corrective Action plan regarding their abysmal staffing. As a result, we negotiated a break relief program where the nurse cannot be pulled into staffing, ensuring our members got their breaks. It is important to partner with management, but we also must take strong, clear action when necessary.

Jettie Deden-Castillo, NP

Greetings UNAC/UHCP brothers and sisters!

My name is Jettie Deden-Castillo, NP and I would be honored to be re-elected as your State Treasurer. I have had the pleasure of serving as the UNAC/UHCP treasurer for the past 7 years. I have been a Nurse Practitioner for over 35 years, working my entire career for Kaiser Permanente as a UNAC/UHCP member. Through hard work and dedication, I understand the role and requirements needed to represent and support my fellow union members.

I have worked closely with affiliates to bring them to a level of autonomy and support them with the guidance to ensure they are compliant and transparent to the members they serve. Under my leadership, my finance team has been successful in implementing a new financial software system, as well as a new membership data system.

Being that I am the only Advanced Practice Provider (APP) that is a State Officer, I have taken the lead with regards to this group. I have been working with the Target Retail APP’s from the time I was first elected. I have also been instrumental in getting Kaiser to include the APP’s in the Health Essentials Trainings.

Our Finance Team runs like a fine-tuned machine. I am an integral part of the day to day work of the union. The responsibility of the treasurer is a 24/7 commitment and I promise to devote myself to continue to serve our staff and members.

As a UNAC/UHCP State Officer, I am here to represent, advocate and fight for your rights. As your friend and fellow health care professional, you can count on me to maintain the integrity of our union’s financial health. I am truly an officer for the members with a listening ear whenever you need me!