2020 UNAC/UHCP Board of Director candidates

UNAC/UHCP Board of Directors Candidate Biographies

Belinda Redding
Kaiser Woodland Hills Registered Nurses Association

Hello Brothers and sisters, I am Belinda “Bea” Redding running for re-election to the Board of Directors (BOD) and I am asking for your vote. I have been a Registered Nurse since 1987 and a UNAC/UHCP member in good standing since 1990. My fight too stand-up and become an “active” member of my affiliate began in 2005 when I was elected as Secretary. A fire was set under my feet when I was unjustly suspended. I vowed to learn more about my contract and to stand up for the rights and benefits that were diligently negotiated for our members. In 2006, when I transferred to the clinic, I was appointed Clinic President; and elected the following year into the position and dutifully served for 12 years. The fire for this work continues to burn in my soul.

I served as a contract specialist for two consecutive terms increasing my knowledge of the contract and the National Agreement. During the 2012 convention, I was elected to serve as a member of the BOD. This role has given me a deeper insight into the needed work of the union.

During my various roles within KWHRNA, I have had several successful grievances, participated in organizing campaigns, been involved in political activities, participated in work during negotiations, attended conventions, and knocked on doors in the frigid cold of North Dakota campaigning for health care reform. Last year, I participated in a successful organizing campaign for nurses in Sterling, Illinois in which we won.

My work is not done, there is still more for me to do and learn. The past eight years as a Board of Director teased my yearning to do more; therefore, I ask for your vote to re-elect me as a member of the UNAC/UHCP Board of Directors.

In Solidarity,


Omar Coreas-Herrera
Kaiser Panorama Registered Nurses Association

Hello, my name is Omar and I’m would like to ask for your support to help achieve my aspirations to become a Board or Director at UNAC/UHCP. I identify with the workplace challenges of being an RN day-to-day because, like you, I see, witness and experience them, too. Having worked as an RN at a Kaiser Emergency Department for over 3 years I’ve come to realize an important truth; the safety of our patients, our license and our workplace is contingent upon well-reasoned self-advocacy. To this end, I began my passionate involvement in our affiliate union so that I may improve my knowledge of the contract and share this knowledge with colleagues to empower them as well. As an elected officer, I created a virtual platform (from the ground up) aimed at nurturing our local stewards via formal mentorship and facilitated communications, I have engaged in several effects bargaining sessions with the aim of preserving the contractual agreement and maximizing our input in workplace changes and have assisted our affiliate in improving our use of technology to increase our reach and clout with the members.

I have a true passion in advocating for my fellow professionals as much as I advocate for my patients, and I believe that being part of the Board of Directors will allow me to exercise this passion for you, me and professionals of the UNAC/UHCP family everywhere. Please vote for me for Board of Directors. Thank you!

Name: Omar Coreas-Herrera, RN
Title: Registerd Nurse
Affiliate: Kaiser Panorama Registered Nurses Association
Email: oachrn@gmail.com
Phone: 213.327.4132

Thank you for your time.
Omar Herrera.

Pamela Brodersen
Kaiser Downey Registered Nurses Association

I am asking you for your support and vote to re-elect me to the UNAC/UHCP Board of directors. My name is Pamela Brodersen and I am running for the UNAC/UHCP BOD. I’ve been an active union member supporting our association for the past 41 years. I am a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, working at Kaiser Downey for the past 44 years and an active member of my local affiliate holding the office of Medical Office President.

I’ve been a strong and active member of UNAC/UHCP supporting the growth and professional development of our exceptional union! I bring with me the history of our great organization as we moved from a union representing only Registered Nurses to a full -bodied professional organization that includes PA’s, Optometrists, Therapists, Educators, CNM’s and Pharmacist’s! We are Independent Union members and Kaiser members! We are truly the blended family! I am proud to say that over the years I have been part of the board room discussions, executive council meetings and convention delegations that helped shape the positive changes our union has made! I’ve participated in and worked on organizing campaigns that have contributed to the growth of our union!

In 1980 I was given a scholarship to the OB/GYN Nurse Practitioner program, an opportunity bargained with Kaiser by UNAC/UHCP. The scholarship changed my life. In turn I have given a lifetime of support and commitment to our union.

In 2012 I stepped in as the Interim Secretary/Treasurer for UNAC/UHCP and helped keep our union going until we held a special election.

I have been on the bargaining team for the Blue Book and National Contract every year since 1992. Please remember my name, Pamela Brodersen when you cast your vote!

Wendy Burrell
Fountain Valley Professional Association

Fellow Professionals and Nurses

This note extends a virtual hand in greeting and to ask you for your vote. I am currently seeking re-election to the BOD.

I have served on the BOD for the last three years. I have found my experience on the board gratifying. My role has given me the opportunity to contribute knowledge from the perspective of an Independent Affiliate, while gaining the opportunity to learn from my Kaiser Brothers and Sisters. Our combined efforts assist in making UNAC/UHCP a union that is strong and unique.

My commitment to UNAC/UHCP began in 1985. I was one of the original nurses who organized Fountain Valley Regional Hospital. After an arduous battle, we became FVPA and joined the UNAC/UHCP family. In 1994, I became an officer for FVPA and have served in every role except Parliamentarian. I have been on each negotiating team for FVPA since 1994. This last round in 2019 was one of the toughest as we went 18 months without a contract. Those struggles taught me perseverance, loyalty and dedication. I bring those principles to the BOD table.

I am dedicated to the work of the union and board. I have served on the state finance committee, worked on the amendments committee for conventions, served on the ECEC and have attended the executive council meetings faithfully.

I am not all work. I love a good laugh, a great debate, to read and travel. Most importantly I love to spend time with my precious grandchildren. With the Pandemic , it has been 7 months since I have seen them. I miss them terribly!

When re- elected, I promise transparency, continued loyalty and passionate resolve.

In advance, Thank You. I am counting on your VOTE!

Wendy Burrell

Semanu Mawugbe
Kaiser Panorama Registered Nurses Association

My name is Semanu Mawugbe, originally from Ghana in West Africa. I have been a registered nurse for 13 years. Twelve plus years with Kaiser Permanente Hospital, Panorama City. I am a Telemetry nurse with ICU and Operating Room training. I am married to my lovely wife, Eugenia, an Oncology charge nurse at Kaiser Pan City, for 26 years. I am also a proud father of 3 adorable young adults ages 24, 22 and 20.

I became the treasurer when my predecessor retired three years ago. I also served on the Finance Committee and presently on the board of directors. I am also currently a member of the Political Endorsement Committee and Pan City Kaiser LMP tri-chair.

I have made it a mission to represent all the members of UNAC/UHCP to the best of my ability with the knowledge I have and continue to gather.

My presence is felt with every meeting on the board because I seek ways to ALWAYS represent ALL the affiliates well and equitably. I brought diversity with dedication as part of my contribution to the board – one more voice of reasoning.

I am humbly seeking your vote to be re-appointed to the UNACUHCP Board of Directors where I hope to continue my quest to have your voices heard and always do the right thing.

In my spare time, I love riding my motorcycle everywhere I go!

Mariam Butler
United Therapists of Southern California


Hello Brothers and Sisters! My name is Mariam Butler and I would be honored to be elected as the first Physical Therapist to the UNAC/UHCP Board of Directors. The BOD requires diversity to ensure the membership is properly represented. Having a well-rounded board should include members from affiliates as well as various health care backgrounds. I believe I would be the optimal selection to best achieve this diversity. I have worked to fight for union members rights, bargained a strong contract for my affiliate, and have strengthened our union by helping organize the new Northern California Therapists into UNAC/UCHP.

I have been a Kaiser Permanente Physical Therapist since 2006 specializing in Pediatrics. I serve as the PT Vice President for my affiliate, United Therapists of Southern California (UTSC), since 2017. I am responsible to hold management at the South Bay Med Center, West LA Med Center, Panorama City Med Center and Balboa Home Health accountable to our union contract, and provide support to the members in those areas. I also serve on the South Bay Med Center Labor Management Partnership (LMP) Council.

In addition to my clinic and officer duties, I am working as a lost timer for UNAC/UHCP helping to increase our membership and strengthen our union. As a result, we have in the last few months, welcomed our Hawaii and Northern California brothers and sisters into UNAC/UCHP! I believe the future of our union depends on continued growth, and this is why I continue to commit my time and effort to this great cause.

My background exemplifies that I have the passion for our union by organizing new members, providing support to current members by fighting for their rights and upholding our contract, and advocating for our union members. I would appreciate your vote!

Erika Tapia
Kaiser Panorama Registered Nurses Association

I am a Registered nurse working in Family Practice at Mission Hills Medical Office Building. I’m the acting KPRNA Affiliate Clinic Vice President since 2017. I have been a KPRNA steward for 6 years. I completed my term as the tri-chair for our LMP Council in 2019 and serve as a Labor sponsor for 5 UBT teams. My goal is to build connections and continue to advocate for labor. I am a firm believer that the work you do, speaks volumes more than anything you could write about yourself. For those colleagues and patients that have had the opportunity to know me, understand that I work diligently to ensure I follow through on my commitment to ensuring the best care for our patients. I strive for nursing excellence and was instrumental in increasing the number of FTEs from 2 RNs to 6 in my department to meet the increasing patient volume to better serve the growing population in the Mission Hills community. I hope to have the opportunity to be elected and become more involved in another facet of union work and engagement through the Board of directors.

Rob Jones
Kaiser San Diego Health Care Professionals Association

Vote “Rob for the Job”!

Please vote to re-elect Rob Jones, “Rob for the Job”, for Board of Directors. I promise to continue representing UNAC/UHCP with pride and devotion in a dignified and responsible manner. I will engage in meaningful dialogue to ensure that the best decisions are made for the Union as a whole and the individuals thereof. I want to continue working with all of you to ensure that our Union keeps growing stronger and moving forward.



8 years United States Air Force
2 years United States Army NG


25 years as RN
Tele, ICU, ER
Small Community Hospitals to
University Hospitals/Trauma Ctrs.
Travel Contracts for approx. 7 years before settling down at Kaiser San Diego.


On my UBT
UBT Sponsor
NEO Presenter
Teach UBT-M
Teach LMP-O
Registered Nurse Practice Council
RNC Co-Lead
Executive Council
Local Labor Council
Labor Management Partnership Committee
Labor Management Partnership Committee Tri-Lead
Affiliate Officer
Clinic Vice President
Clinic President 2016 to present

Representing You:

Various Committees
KSDHCPA Delegate
NUHHCE Delegate
AFSCME Delegate
Knocking on Doors Organizing
Going out Supporting & Rallying with our Independent Brothers & Sisters
Local Bargaining Team
National Bargaining Team
Board of Directors

While on the BOD,
We have had some Difficult times;
We had some Jubilant times.
No matter what, we kept working and communicating.

Now it’s time to keep working with my Brothers & Sisters, making sure we are strong now and in the future!

Re-Elect Rob Jones, so “Rob for the Job” can keep doing the job. Let’s keep moving forward together, stronger than ever.

Loan Nguyen
United Therapists of Southern California


I am Loan Nguyen asking for your vote so I can work hard in serving you as a UNAC/UHCP Board Member! I have been an occupational therapist for almost 20 years and have served as a dedicated UTSC (United Therapist of Southern California) Secretary since 2017, an outspoken UNAC/UHCP Executive Council Affiliate Representative previously for 3 years, and an active member of two UNAC/UHCP Committees that contribute to global perspectives. During my proud time serving the union, I’ve been a tough, relentless advocate for making better changes in the everyday work life of our members. Values I learned from my parents when we escaped from Vietnam in 1975.

I have always told our members that we are all in this together if we want to make this the most amazing workplace. We have gained much, but there’s still so much more to accomplish. We are experiencing challenging times. I will do my best in making sure that UNAC/UHCP and all of its affiliates come together to seek progressive solutions. As a determined Board Member, I will identify problems, think outside the box, see the big picture, and come up with solutions that address the needs of the diverse UNAC/UHCP membership.

When you vote for me, you are voting for a Board Member who will bring a new and fresh attitude of Service, Gratitude, Determination, and Inclusion.

When we stand together, there’s no limit to the possibilities!