2020 UNHCEH Chapter Representative Election Nominees

Dear UNHCEH Members,

All 2020 chapter representative nominees are listed for your review, they are listed by position and name in alphabetical order. Not every nominee will appear on the ballot as candidates have the right to decline the nominations. The members on this list have been checked by finance and have been determined to be members in good standing. If you wish to challenge a nominee’s right to run for office, you must do so in writing to Elizabeth.Hawkins@unacuhcp.org by January 6, 2020 at noon.

A challenge is a formal objection to someone’s right to run for office. A challenge must be based on some provision of the AFSCME or UNAC/UHCP Constitutions, or chapter Bylaws. Examples of valid bases for challenges are:

  1. The nominee has not been a member of the chapter for the length of time required by the chapter Bylaws.
  2. The nominee is not a member or is not a member in good standing.
  3. The nominee is running for an officer position that requires the nominee work in a particular entity or area and they do not (example: Hospital President vs. Clinic President; Inpatient vs. Ambulatory, etc.)
  4. The nominee has retired or has stated the intent to retire before the date of the election.
  5. The nominee is ineligible because the nominee is a member of the union staff.
  6. The nominee has been declared ineligible for a time period which included the date of the election as a result of charges and a trial held under provisions of the AFSCME or UNAC/UHCP Constitutions, or chapter Bylaws.
  7. The nominee is ineligible because the nominee is employed in a position for which another labor organization is the exclusive representative with regard to wages, hours, or other terms and conditions of employment.


Matthew Flight
Drew Meador
Philip Velasco


Lydia Brandes
Elizabeth Linares
Christina Zeren


Elodia Garcia