2022 AFSCME Convention Delegate Candidate Biographies

AFSCME Convention Delegate Candidate Biographies

Dawn Driscoll

Hello friends, coworkers and fellow union members. Thanks for taking time to read my biography.

I have been a nurse for 14 years now, all of which I have been a union member. I was a union steward for many years as well as a contact specialist in 2014. I currently serve on the RNC in my current department (KP on call). I’ve been on many committees (such as attendance committees, UBT, protocol committee ) just to name a few as a union steward to help advocate for our nurses and patients. I have spoke at City Council meetings and rallies on behalf of the union. I enjoy participating in community service with the union as well.

I would be honored to attend this conference. I’m excited that finally the conferences will be happening and in person. I enjoy attending, learning and sharing the I formation with you as well!

I appreciate everyone’s hard work during the pandemic! Stay safe, stay healthy!

Dawn Driscoll RN

Francis “For the People” Omelu

I am simple guy. I have learned a lot through the years that will help make this union stronger, better, and result oriented.

Mario R Calderon

Mario R Calderon for AFSCME Delegate

My name is Mario R. Calderon, and I am seeking your vote to become AFSCME Delegate. I am a US Army/Air Force Reserve veteran who has been active in unions since my first jobs at Universal Studios Hollywood in
2000 and Kaiser Permanente in 2006.

Throughout my career, I have engaged in union work and advocacy. Some of my roles include:
Union Steward for SEIU-UHW, UNAC Steward and Officer, Alliance Partnership Representative, Member of LMP councils, UBT labor sponsor.

I am confident that my organizational skills, attention to detail, and passion for supporting the Union and its members will make me an excellent AFSCME Delegate. My goal is to make sure that all of our members have a
voice and that the correct decisions are made.

Vote for me as your AFSCME Delegate.

Michelle Curtis-Ussery

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Michelle Curtis-Ussery, DNP, RN-BC, PHN, NPD. I have been working for Kaiser for 26 years. I started at Kaiser as an LVN and Have been able to advance my career because of Kaiser being unionized. I have held many positions within Kaiser and within my affiliate union of Specialty Care Nurses of Southern California (SCNSC). I have been able to obtain my ASN, BSN, MSN, and DNP through Kaiser only possible because of the union negotiating education benefits.During my tenure as a Staff Educator, we were exempt employee then became unionized. I was one of the original negotiators for the Staff Educators getting accreted into the SCNSC Contract in 2012. Once we were union, I became a steward, Secretary, and the Vice President of LAMC. I also was a negotiator during the 2018 contract negotiations in
which the SCNSC CBA was opened and revised. We made significant changes to the hiring process for SCNSC, which I am proud of. It was a hard fight.

Pamela M. Pressney

I have been a UNAC/UHCP activist for over 30 years. I served initially as a steward and then as a “lost timer” during the CNA raid on the KP UNAC RNS. I served as a local affiliate officer for 10 years. I was the KSDHCPA (San Diego) hospital president, and co-lead of the LMP Council when I took a position as Staff Representative at Kaiser Orange County in 2012. In 2015 I returned to San Diego as Staff Representative. I have participated in both Local and National bargaining with Kaiser and have participated in multiple campaigns during bargaining and organizing with our independent affiliates. I have been an active participant in UNAC/UHCP’s history, from the trying times of the 1995 contract negotiations, through the early years of the partnership, and to the turnover in KP management/administration that have led to the insecurity and contentious issues that we are experiencing now. The fight is never over, but together we are strong. It will be an honor to participate.

Scott J. Byington

Hello, my name is Scott Byington. I am a registered nurse at St. Francis Medical Center and I have been an active member of UNAC/UHCP since 1995. I am the current Vice President of the St. Francis Registered Nurses Association and have also served as president. I have been an elected affiliate officer for 26 years. I was an elected member of the UNAC/UHCP Board of Directors for approximately 15 years before stepping down. I am also an member of the UNAC/UHCP Political Action Committee. I have participated in assisting the formation of new affiliates such as with Lakewood. I have supported many of our brothers and sisters during contract negotiations such as Kaiser, the Sharp Professional Nurses Network (SPNN), and others. I respectfully request for your vote to be elected to attend the 2022 AFSCME Convention.