Affiliate Officer/Chapter Representative Candidate Biographies

Affiliate Officer/Chapter Representative Candidate Biographies

Runoff election KFRNA and UNHCEH only.

Biographies are optional and candidates are not required to submit a biography.

Kathy Butler-Crutchfield

Hello KFRNA,

My name is Kathy Butler-Crutchfield RN and I am your KFRNA Representative Coordinator. I have been a RN Case Manager in the Hospice department for the past 17 yrs and I have sat on multiple committees e.g. QAPI as a labor lead to ensure that regional measures and goals are accurate and reflective of the hard work and challenges that we the front line workers face every day. As we continue to face the National Staffing Crisis and enter into negotiations for our next contract, I can ensure you that my primary goal is to continue to fight for safe staffing, float policy and an overall fair contract that includes better working conditions. As your Representative Coordinator for the past 6 yrs, I’ve fought diligently to enforce and ensure that management abides by the CBA and that members are treated fair with dignity and respect. Vote to Re-Elect Kathy Butler-Crutchfield for Representative Coordinator and Re-Elect the ability to have your voice HEARD.

We are KFRNA

We Stay Ready ?

Dale E Collins

Currently, Mr. Collins is a staff Sonographer with Maui Health Systems, Wailuku HI. Mr. Collins has been a full-time and contracted Sonographer with Maui Memorial Medical Center, Maui Health Systems, and Hilo Medical Center.

Mr. Collins received initial radiography training in the United States Air Force beginning in 1984, obtaining certification from ARRT in 1986. Since 1984 Mr. Collins has worked in Clinical Radiography, undergraduate and graduate education, and various Sonography clinical environments. He has served in a number of organizational governance and on several committees with the Alaska Society of Radiologic Technologists (AKSRT), the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT [Most recently an 8 year appointment (2013-2021) to the Joint Committee on Education in Diagnostic Medical Sonography (JRC-DMS) serving in the capacity of Chair-elect, Chair, and Past Chair]), and the Hawaii Society of Radiologic Technologists (HSRT). He has served as VP, President, Immediate Past President, Board Chair, and Delegate with the AKSRT. Currently, he is serving as President of the HSRT.

Mr. Collins has earned Associate, Bachelor’s, and Master’s degrees, and a post-graduate certificate (e-Learning). He also holds 7 credentials; 3 from ARRT and 4 from ARDMS. He resides in Kula, Hawaii.

Melissa Robinson

Hi, my name is Melissa Robinson BSN, RN and I am running for UNHCEH Co-Chair. As a former lead clinic nurse of an urgent care, current Co-Chair of the RN Staffing Committee, selected member of the HBV/ACS Staff Committee and ACS/PACU charge nurse I believe I am the best candidate for the job. If elected I will use the experience I have gained in these roles as well as the experience I have gained from working in various facilities during my career to work closely with UNHCEH members to continue building a strong union. As we come up on negotiating a new contract, I will work tirelessly to ensure we build a more robust contract that clearly states what members want. I would be honored if you elect me to be your UNHCEH Co-Chair.