Congrats to AFSCME Convention Delegates & Alternates

Congrats to the Elected AFSCME Convention Delegates & Alternates!


  • Bill Rouse, At Large
  • Suzanne Delaney, At Large
  • Peter Sidhu, At Large
  • Nancy Rouse, Midwives & Wound Ostomy
  • Nicole Lam, San Diego
  • Moises Alarcon, At Large
  • Pamela K. Brodersen, Downey
  • Joel Emerson, At Large
  • Leti Garcia, Riverside
  • Michael Zackos, At Large
  • Gerard Anthony Corros, Orange County
  • Cecilia Torres, Fontana
  • Jess Mangubat, Sunset
  • Scott Byington, St. Francis
  • Rob Jones, San Diego
  • Edgar Pangilinan, Orange County
  • Gregory Lutz, At Large
  • Jay O’Brien, Sharp
  • Debra Sung, Therapists (PT/OT/RT)
  • Greg Wilson, At Large
  • Gerardo Bajamundi, Downey

The four UNAC/UHCP State Officers that will be delegates are:

  • Denise Duncan, RN, UNAC/UHCP President
  • Charmaine S. Morales, RN, UNAC/UHCP Executive Vice President
  • Jettie Deden-Castillo, NP, UNAC/UHCP Treasurer
  • Elizabeth Hawkins, RN, UNAC/UHCP Secretary


  • Tim Phan, Therapists (PT/OT/RT)
  • Lawrence Louie, Pharmacists
  • Kristen Jenkins, Orange County
  • Carol Jones, At Large
  • Miguel Rubio, San Diego
  • Cynthia Turner, San Diego
  • Leo Bato, Woodland Hills
  • Erika Tapia, Panorama City
  • Cindy Nguyen, Orange County
  • Kimberly Smith, At Large
All delegates/alternates will receive a separate communication regarding a delegate meeting, travel, lodging, etc.