COVID-19 UPDATE: KP COVID-19 Benefits Extended


We have negotiated an extension of key COVID-19 benefits for union members at Kaiser Permanente (KP).

The benefit improvements will cover all Alliance of Health Care Unions (AHCU) members at KP and will extend through March 31, 2021.

The extended benefits include:

  • COVID-19 leave resets on January 1: up to 80 hours additional leave for those sick with COVID-19 who have a positive test result, including those who used COVID leave in 2020; any remaining 2020 hours do not roll over
  • Childcare grants of $140 to $200 per week based on hours worked

A great deal of work went into this package, and UNAC/UHCP will continue to advocate for all members during this crisis and beyond.

More information is available on the AHCU website: