Election 2020: UNAC/UHCP General Election Endorsements and Recommendations

Election Day is Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

We are pleased to release important elections resources for our members—and our list of UNAC/UHCP endorsed candidates and ballot propositions for consideration.


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How endorsements work: Our support of these candidates and ballot measures is determined by our member-driven Political Endorsement Committee, which meets regularly during election years to educate and interview prospective candidates about our issues as health care professionals.

Congressional Districts

Find Your U.S. Representative

Congressional District 24 Salud Carbajal (D)(Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties, and a portion of Ventura County)

Congressional District 25 Christy Smith (D)
Congressional District 26 Julia Brownley (D)(Portions of Ventura County and Los Angeles County)

Los Angeles County
Congressional District 27 Judy Chu (D)
Congressional District 28 Adam Schiff (D)
Congressional District 29 Tony Cardenas (D)
Congressional District 30 Brad Sherman (D)
Congressional District 31 Pete Aguilar (D)
Congressional District 32 Grace Napolitano (D)
Congressional District 33 Ted Lieu (D)
Congressional District 34 Jimmy Gomez (D)
Congressional District 35 Norma Torres (D)
Congressional District 36 Raul Ruiz (D)
Congressional District 37 Karen Bass (D)
Congressional District 40 Lucille Roybal-Allard (D)
Congressional District 41 Mark Takano (D)
Congressional District 43 Maxine Waters (D)
Congressional District 44 Nanette Barragan (D)

Congressional District 47 Alan Lowenthal (D)(Portions of Los Angeles County and Orange County)

Orange County
Congressional District 38 Linda Sanchez (D)
Congressional District 39 Gil Cisneros (D)(Portions of Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernardino counties)
Congressional District 48 Harley Rouda (D)
Congressional District 45 Katie Porter (D)
Congressional District 46 Lou Correa (D)
Congressional District 49 Mike Levin (D)(Portions of Orange County and San Diego County)

San Diego County
Congressional District 51 Juan Vargas (D)
Congressional District 53 Georgette Gomez (D)

California Senate
Senate District 19 Monique Limón
Senate District 21 Kipp Mueller
Senate District 23 Abigail Medina (D)
Senate District 25 Anthony Portantino (D)
Senate District 27 Henry Stern (D)
Senate District 29 Josh Newman (D)(Portions of Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernardino counties)
Senate District 31 Richard Roth (D)
Senate District 33 Lena Gonzalez (D)
Senate District 35 Steven Bradford (D)
Senate District 37 Dave Min (D)
Senate District 39 Toni Atkins (D)

California Assembly
Assembly District 37 Steve Bennett (D)
Assembly District 38 No Recommendation
Assembly District 39 Luz Rivas (D)
Assembly District 40 James Ramos (D)
Assembly District 41 Chris Holden (D)
Assembly District 42 No Recommendation
Assembly District 43 Laura Friedman (D)
Assembly District 44 Jacqui Irwin (D)
Assembly District 45 Jesse Gabriel (D)
Assembly District 46 Adrin Nazarian (D)
Assembly District 47 Eloise Gomez-Reyes (D)
Assembly District 48 Blanca Rubio (D)
Assembly District 49 Ed Chau (D)
Assembly District 50 No Recommendation
Assembly District 51 Wendy Carrillo (D)
Assembly District 52 Freddie Rodriguez (D)
Assembly District 53 Miguel Santiago (D)
Assembly District 54 Sydney Kamlager (D)
Assembly District 55 Philip Chen (R)
Assembly District 56 Eduardo Garcia (D)
Assembly District 57 Lisa Calderon (D)
Assembly District 58 Christina Garcia (D)
Assembly District 59 Reggie Jones-Sawyer (D)
Assembly District 60 Sabrina Cervantes (D)
Assembly District 61 Jose Medina (D)
Assembly District 62 Autumn Burke (D)
Assembly District 63 Anthony Rendon (D)
Assembly District 64 Mike Gipson (D)
Assembly District 65 Sharon Quirk-Silva (D)
Assembly District 66 Al Muratsuchi (D)
Assembly District 67 No Recommendation
Assembly District 68 Melissa Fox (D)
Assembly District 69 Tom Daly (D)
Assembly District 70 Patrick O’Donnell (D)
Assembly District 71 No Recommendation
Assembly District 72 Diedre Nguyen (D)
Assembly District 73 No Recommendation
Assembly District 74 Cottie Petrie-Norris (D)
Assembly District 76 Tasha Boerner Horvath (D)
Assembly District 77 Brian Maienschein (D)
Assembly District 78 Chris Ward (D)
Assembly District 79 Shirley Weber (D)
Assembly District 80 Lorena Gonzalez (D)

Other Endorsements
Paul Rodriguez for Chino City Council
David Ryu for Los Angeles City Council, D-4
Mark Ridley-Thomas for Los Angeles City Council, D-10
Sergio Contreras for Orange County Board of Supervisors, D-1
Victor Gordo for Pasadena Mayor
Terra Lawson-Remer San Diego County Board of Supervisors, D-3
Todd Gloria for San Diego Mayor
Will Moore for San Diego City Council, D-1
Marni von Wilpert for San Diego City Council, D-5
Raul Campillo for San Diego City Council, D-7
Jose Rodriguez for National City Council
Marcus Bush for National City Council

Statewide Ballot Propositions
For local candidate endorsements and other ballot proposition recommendations, refer to your county’s local voter guide.


Prop. 14              YES
Continues stem cell research funding to develop treatments and cures for chronic and life-threatening diseases
Prop 15               YES
Balanced reform that reclaims $12 billion for our local schools and communities
Prop. 16              YES
End the ban on affirmative action to level the playing field for women and communities of color
Prop. 17              YES
Restores voting rights to Californians who have completed their prison term
Prop. 18              YES
Free the Vote! Allows those who turn age 18 by a November general election to vote in that year’s primary elections
Prop. 19              YES
Helps seniors, disabled homeowners, and wildfire victims; closes tax loopholes on out-of-state trust fund heirs
Prop. 21              YES
Keeps families in their homes, prevents homelessness, and preserves affordable housing
Prop. 23              YES
Improves safety and prohibits discrimination in dialysis clinics to protect gravely ill patients
Prop. 24              YES
Would expand or amend the provisions of the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018
Prop. 25              YES
Replaces discriminatory and unjust money bail with a fairer system based on public safety – not ability to pay


Prop. 22              NO
Exempts Uber and Lyft from providing drivers the benefits they deserve: Protect drivers’ rights over Uber/Lyft profits


Prop. 20              NEUTRAL
Wastes tens of millions on prisons causing cuts to rehabilitation and schools.

To download and print the list: Election 2020 Endorsement List.