Extra Shift Incentive Agreement Extended: February 15, 2021

UNAC/UHCP has negotiated an extension of the extra shift incentive agreement that was due to expire on February 1, 2021. It will now continue until February 15, 2021 at 7:00am. The employer and the union will review and assess the need to renew the agreement again in two weeks.

The extra shift incentive is in addition to applicable overtime and differential provisions as may be required by law and/or as set forth in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Report any pay concerns to your immediate supervisor and your local president. Please contact your local stewards or affiliate officers with any questions.

Registered nurses, nurse practitioners or physician assistants will be an eligible for an incentive payment for each additional shift as follows:

  • $400.00 for each additional day or evening shift equal to or greater than 8 hours
  • $700.00 for each additional night shift equal to or greater than 8 hours
  • $200.00 for each additional 4-hour day or evening shift
  • $350.00 for each additional 4-hour night shift

The extra shift incentive applies to registered nurses, nurse practitioners and physician assistants who work an extra shift in the following areas caring for patients:

  • Med-surg/tele
  • Med-surg
  • Telemetry
  • ICU
  • DOU
  • Hemodialysis
  • Maternal-Child Health (L&D and FCC)
  • Peds/PICU/NICU units
  • PACU
  • OR
  • KPOC
  • Message management
  • COVID-19 Testing/Vaccine
  • Urgent Care Centers
  • Emergency Department
  • Home health registered nurses
  • Hospice registered nurses
  • Home palliative registered nurses
  • Home health after hours triage registered nurses

UNAC/UHCP SCNSC members can earn an extra shift incentive for the following work:

  • Case Manager Utilization RN
  • Case Manager Outside Medical RN
  • Coordinator Emergency Prospective Review Program RN

UNAC/UHCP KPMWON members can earn an incentive for the following work:

  • ICD III Nurse Specialists, which require an NP license, are included for the extra shift incentive when volunteering to work an NP shift

Under this agreement, day shift is generally 7am-7pm, night shift generally 7pm-7am, and 3pm-11pm shifts shall be eligible for the day shift incentive. An eligible employee can only receive one of the incentives; there will not be pyramiding of incentives.

Know that UNAC/UHCP will continue to fight for all members working during this time.

In unity,

Denise Duncan, RN
UNAC/UHCP President