FVPA 2019-2022 Contract Highlights

We won big with our new contract! Highlights include:

Wage Increases
First Year: 2%-36.5%
Second Year: 2%-5.85%
Third Year: 2%-5.85%

• New language adding protection to health care professional’s clinical decision-making and safeguarding patient quality of care and confidentiality

Hours of Work, Overtime and Scheduling
• New language improving the cancellation order of bargaining unit members in the event of low census
• New language defining and limiting the use/assignment of Rotating/Variable shifts
• New language improving how to receive approval for overtime
• New language creating a cancellation log that will be kept in each department/unit

Benefit Plans
• UNAC/UHCP was able to control the rate of increase of the health care plans that are provided to the bargaining unit members. Beginning in 2021 the employer can only shift/increase 1% of the cost of share to any health plan that requires premium contributions:
o 2021 – 1%
o 2022 – 1%
o 2023 – 1%

• New language creating an RN Float Pool Department
• RNs in the Float Pool Department will be place on the Wage Scale based on their years of experience and receive a 5% differential
• If a non-Float Pool Department RN accepts a management request to float out of their Float Division, they will receive a 5% differential for all hours worked outside their Float Division.

Preceptor Differential
• Increased to $3.00 per hour

Retro Pay
Six months retro pay back to the first full pay period following September 14, 2019