Kaiser Bargaining Update: July 24, 2018

The first day of local bargaining began with a refresher course in interest-based negotiations for UNAC/UHCP’s six bargaining teams and their management counterparts in the morning, with the teams getting to work in the afternoon.

For the first time, we are bargaining all six of our Kaiser contracts at the same time: the “blue book” which covers most RNs, PAs, and NPs, the “green book” which covers the case managers and educators of SCNSC; the KPMWON contract which covers nurse-midwives and wound ostomy nurses; the KPASCO contract covering optometrists; UTSC’s contract covering physical, occupational and recreation therapists; and the UPSC contract which covers pharmacists.

We have fifteen more bargaining dates scheduled through September 12, with most of our contracts expiring on September 30. For each day of negotiations our six bargaining teams and all member observers will be together in the same location for maximum solidarity and power. We are all united as one union with common interests and we support each other, so our weekly bargaining updates will cover important developments at all six bargaining tables.

Bargaining Highlights

Serious negotiations began in the afternoon.

Our teams made a good start. They began with conversations on existing contract language that can be cleaned-up or streamlined. Conversations were generally positive and moved the negotiations forward.

Next week’s bargaining will span two consecutive days, allowing time for more in-depth discussions.