KDRNA Officer Candidate Bios

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Officer Candidate Biographies


Cherry Garcia (Cherry Ann Florendo-Garcia), RN
Candidate KDRNA Hospital President

Cherry Ann Florendo-Garcia has been a Registered Nurse for over 25 years, a previous contract employee of UNAC/UHCP, chosen as a Staff Representative for Kaiser Orange County. Shortly after serving in the bargaining and representation department in 2017, she shifted in the political arena as a Political/Community Affairs Representative/Staff Member Engagement for Kaiser Orange County, in preparation for Kaiser Contract Bargaining in 2018. Later that year, she began her journey back at Kaiser Downey as a Staff RN in the inpatient setting and now, is a member of the Shared Governance Education and Informatics Council for the Kaiser Downey Magnet journey. Cherry underwent extensive labor trainings and education to better serve members. To highlight her few accomplishments; Cherry was chosen to serve as the KDRNA Contract Specialist in 2014 and a member of UNAC/UHCP Grievance Committee 2015-2017.  Cherry’s vision is to serve and protect the rights of members, to be visible and transparent, to empower, advocate and promote membership involvement. With her experience she will help grow the union and its role in the community.   Thank you for your support, Cherry Ann Florendo-Garcia RN, BSN


Joel Enkhorn, Registered Nurse
Candidate KDRNA Hospital President

To the Registered Nurses of Kaiser Downey: My name is Joel Enkhorn and I am seeking reelection as your KDRNA Hospital President. I have served as an Officer for 12 years, President for the last 4. Over these years, I have worked diligently to develop relationships with Management that demand we are respected as equals, while advancing our interests. I never hesitate to disagree with any Manager in order to take a stand that is beneficial to RNs. I have personally represented the interests of thousands of RNs to ensure they received the full protections guaranteed by our Contract. My passion is standing up for Nurses and giving all of us a stronger voice.  I believe the role of the Union is to ensure fairness and equity for ALL staff.   Last year, I was honored to be part of the Bargaining Team that won the best contract ever ratified by UNAC in history, with unprecedented gains!   None of these gains would be possible without the incredible work of the Registered Nurses of Downey Medical center.  You are the reason I am so passionate about continuing the work we have started.  I am honored to have your support and your vote.

Paul Ciriacks, RN

Candidate KDRNA Hospital President

My name is Paul Ciriacks, RN.  I was hired at Kaiser Bellflower in 2007 and I am currently working as a night shift charge nurse in the PICU at the Downey Medical Center.  This year I was fortunate to be selected as one of the KDRNA Contract Specialists.  Learning the contract and representing our membership has been a rewarding experience.  If you vote for me I will be honored to serve as your Hospital President.  Thank you for reading my biography.


Dinh Lai, RN
Candidate KDRNA Treasurer

Hello, My name is Dinh Lai. I am currently running for UNAC treasurer. I enjoy balancing budgets and dealing with numbers. Before I became a nurse, I earned a Bachelor degree in Economics from the University of California, Irvine. I hope to utilize this opportunity to learn more about UNAC, meet new people, and help my fellow colleagues.