KFRNA Officer Candidate Bios

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Officer Candidate Biographies


Kathy Crutchfield, RN
Candidate KFRNA Representation Coordinator

Having the privilege of serving as KFRNA Representation  Coordinator for the past two years, active KFRNA steward for the past 4 years and working as a full time Registered Nurse case manager in Hospice for the past 13 years, I have a clear perspective of the many issues that we face as RN’s, PA’s and Advance Practice staff in Fontana.   I am currently on multiple committees and as a QAPI committee member, I work strongly with management to ensure that regional goals and outcomes are measured fairly and correlate with our contract and national agreement in relation to Registered Nurses duties and performance.   I have faced the challenges of working short staffed, over acuity and out of ratio and I have fought diligently to ensure that our patients and staff safety are the #1 priority at KP Fontana.   I have experience in investigatory meetings that include Weingarten, Corrective Action, Grievances, Grievance Hearings with HR and Attendance Reviews.   I have and I will continue to successfully hold management accountable for any violation to our contract, Collective Bargaining Agreement.  It is through my strength, confidence and determination that I will continue to fight for you and represent all of UNAC staff.



Monica Fernandes, RN
Candidate KFRNA Clinic President

Hello, my name is Monica Fernandes. I have worked at Kaiser Fontana in the ER for the past 8 years. As a prior Contract Specialist and current KFRNA Secretary, I am well versed and passionate about our contract. I want to strengthen our union in supporting our members in their professional growth and job security. It is so important for everyone’s voice to be heard. Please vote. I appreciate the opportunity to represent you as your Clinic President.