KOCPA Officer Candidate Bios

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Officer Candidate Biographies


Marlene Samoy

For Delegate to the Executive Council


My name is Marlene Samoy and I have been a staff nurse in the Critical Care Department at Kaiser Irvine for the last 8 years. I am involved in several hospital committees which focuses on improving patient safety and workplace conditions. As a co-lead for the Critical Care Department UBT, I work side-by-side with management to ensure that the nurses are involved in all decisions regarding their practices.

I have been an active UNAC member and is still currently serving as an active steward as well as a delegate in the most recent UNAC/UHCP convention. As an active champion in the Staffing and Scheduling Committee, I am proud to be part of a team that values improving workplace environment by creating the break nurse, float nurse, and transport nurse positions in our hospital.

My decision to run for the Executive Council Delegate position came from feeling innately passionate about the need to continue to provide a safe working environment; my desire to serve my fellow colleagues so that I can truly make a difference.


Kristen Jenkins

For Delegate to the Executive Council

Having the privilege of serving in multiple union roles since 2013, all the while working as a front-line charge nurse in Med-Surg, I have a well-rounded perspective of the issues we face as RN’s here in Orange County. I was afforded the challenge of the opening of the Irvine facility as an inpatient Med-Surg Charge RN and now am functioning in the same role at the Anaheim facility. I work in the consistently short-staffed Med-Surg unit. I know the obstacles we deal with on a daily basis. I feel the constant squeeze management is placing on us.

I wish to continue to fight to enforce our new contract. I hope to continue to be able to represent my coworkers to the best of my ability. I demand transparency and accountability on everyone’s part. I am asking for your vote so that I may continue to help move us in the right direction. Please consider my name when you mark your ballot.


Kristen Jenkins, RN

KOCPA Delegate to the Executive Council




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Sarah Becaro

For Master Committee Chair

Good day everyone,

Sarah Becaro, RN, BSN, is your 2018 UNAC/UHCP Contract Specialist in North OC (KOCPA) and currently working at Irvine, SurgiCenter for the past 6 years.

Since 2008:

  • Sarah has been an active Steward with UNAC/UHCP;
  • Took part volunteering in the Scholarship Program application process;
  • Active participants in Steward Training, General Membership Meetings and Conventions;
  • Volunteered, participated and an observer during the collective bargaining sessions;
  • Participated in “March for Women” in Santa Ana, OC and during LAMC contract bargaining;
  • Participated and volunteered for solidarity during the Election in Las Vegas.

As a Contract Specialist, I learned to become transparent, to navigate, empower, engage, inspires, and connect members to new level of energy. It expand my knowledge how important to disseminate the UNAC/UHCP Mission and Values to the members.

I believe consistency constitute a strong voice and powerful future contract. With your vote as your Master Committee Chair for 2019-2020, will provide another set of challenge for our solid union. Thank you for your support.


Edgar Pangilinan

For Master Committee Chair

My name is Edgar Pangilinan. I have been a staff nurse in Critical Care at Irvine since 2011. I have had the pleasure of serving on multiple committees and many unit-based projects. On the Irvine Safety Council, I helped maintain the protection of our staff by prioritizing safe patient handling initiatives. I also assisted the staff in maintaining competencies through peer to peer education projects. Partnering in the Voice of Nursing committee, I encouraged nurse engagement with NDNQI and People Pulse Survey participation. I have been an active UNAC member since 2011 and steward since 2013. I was elected in 2014 as a UNAC delegate to attend the NUHHCE Convention. I served again as a delegate at the 2018 AFSCME Convention and at the 2018 UNAC/UHCP Convention. I was a BAT team member and attended multiple bargaining sessions, in an effort to support negotiations for a strong contract for our members. I am seeking your support as I run for Master Committee Chair. It is my desire to provide KP-OC with a strong union voice and outstanding representation. My priority is to serve our local members and fight to maintain the safe and a supportive culture in Orange County.


Leslie Patin

For Anaheim Hospital President

Vote for Leslie Patin, RN, BSN

*Running for Anaheim President

My name is Leslie Patin and I am running for Anaheim President of KOCPA.  I will bring my experience, knowledge, and compassion for nursing to better the workplace.  I have been a nurse for over 15 years and have dedicated my time in helping others and want to continue doing so.

I have had the honor of serving on the KOCPA Executive Board as the Anaheim Hospital President for the last 2 years and as the Master Committee Chair prior to that.  Serving Orange County has been an amazing adventure and I promise that I will strive to continue to support and fight for our members’ rights.  No fight is too small!!!  I believe in fairness and equality, which is what I stand by.  I am a strong advocate for our patients as well as nurses.  I have the confidence, strength, and determination needed to fight any challenge.

As the Anaheim President, my number one goal is to unite our members and work side by side in strength to make a difference in the workplace and strive to improve the future of nursing.  Your consideration would be much appreciated.


Chhay Yann-Ly

For Executive Secretary

Hello! My name is CHHAY  YANN-LY, RN, BSN and I am running for KOCPA Secretary, 2019-2020.

I have been with Kaiser Permanente since 2006.

~ I have consistently attended the last six (6) UNAC Conventions and the last four (4) years of Steward Training Classes.
~ I volunteered to help organize LAMC, be a panelist to help organize OCMMC, and attended Local Bargaining Sessions.
~ I was a UNAC Contract Specialist for 2017.
~ I have assisted with Weingarten Meetings, New Employee Orientations and Attendance Reviews.
~ I am the UNAC Contact person for OCI, MCH (FCC, L&D & NICU).
~ I enjoy connecting with our members, to inform, educate and empower our members.

I see UNAC as a good cause for nurses. We all need to have a voice, to speak up for what is right, for patient and nursing safety. We are all a team! In partnership, we can do amazing things together!

It is my goal to remain committed and active with UNAC, to make a difference, to educate, engage and empower our members. Thank you for your vote.

Vote  for  CHHAY  YANN-LY, RN, BSN, KOCPA Secretary


Julie Kim

For Ambulatory Services President

My name is Julie Kim, and I am running for the OC Ambulatory President, and I am asking for your vote.

I had the privilege of opening Alton/Sand Canyon hospital in 2008 where my employment with Kaiser began in ICU. I served as a charge nurse in ICU and have been in multiple departments since then as well as being involved in numerous committees, too many to mention (limited words for this bio).

One of several challenges of being involved in multiple committees was the fact that some meetings were held for one hour in Irvine, and I lived in the Inland Empire. Often, I found myself driving two or more hours, round trip, to attend one-hour meetings at any given day.

A couple of years ago, I learned of the same seat I’m running for today, and was told that there were no other person running, so to just run for it. I decided to decline this seemingly guaranteed seat, because I wanted to serve, not just wear the title. It was by a chance that I learned of this seat at the recent UNAC Convention, and I’m ready to serve.

May I have your vote, please?

Thank you.