Kaiser Permanente Psych/Social OC Letter

Dear KP Psych-Social Chapter,

It’s time for transformational change for the psych-social professionals at Kaiser Permanente. We need to unite with a union and an alliance that will ensure we are seen, heard, and respected at KP. UNAC/UHCP has the power to win the care we deserve — for our patients, our families, and ourselves!

We believe that in order to ensure our future as respected professionals in the Kaiser Permanente Behavioral Health System, it is vital for us to unite with the professionals who comprise UNAC/UHCP and the Alliance of Health Care Unions—50,000 strong, who won a far better contract in fewer months after only the credible threat of a strike—because their strike would have paralyzed KP in Southern California. They have power in numbers.

We, your colleagues and the organizing committee, are pleased to announce that we submitted our petition for a representation election to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) on Saturday, March 12, 2022. We have requested an election to decertify NUHW and join UNAC/UHCP! We filed our petition during the open period, which means an election will take place no matter if NUHW ratifies a contract. We will let you know the date of the election once the NLRB has completed their review.

There is a clear will for change among us. Many of us are stressed out, burned out, and fed up. It is time for us to begin a new chapter of collaboration and representation with a powerful union that has consistently lifted care standards, improved working conditions, and enhanced work-life balance for numerous other health care professions within the KP world. UNAC/UHCP can do this because management respects, even fears them – with their power in numbers and a track record of professionalism and success that call us to make this change.

We are moving rapidly toward a brighter future. In the coming days and weeks we will reach out with more information, to answer questions, and gather support. We ask anyone interested in joining this movement to reach out to coworkers, spread the word and get engaged in the election.

We are ready to partner with a union that can win us a transformational contract and advocate to provide the quality care our patients deserve.


Your Colleagues and Organizing Committee


💻 Visit our website to learn more: https: letsjoinunacuhcp.com