KPRNA Officer Candidate Bios

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Officer Candidate Biographies


Ivy McFarland Gamboa, RN
Candidate KPRNA Clinic Vice President

Ivy McFarland Gamboa Kaiser Panorama City Employee mostly in the ER for 20 some years. Have experience in KPRNA as treasurer, Clinic VP and Contract specialist.   A Registered Nurse that have extensive experience in various fields of Nursing currently in the ER Love being a Union member, will stay a union member as long as I work I have strong opinions on following CBA and passion about working safely for ourselves and for patients.



Lusine Hagopian, RN
Candidate KPRNA Secretary

Lusine Hagopian is a Dermatology RN at Kaiser Permanente Panorama City, specializing in the Acne/Wart Clinic; and has been with Kaiser for over 15 years as a Registered Nurse.  She started as a Float Pool RN, 9 East Med Surg. RN, Inpatient Infusion PICC RN, and for the past ten years has been with Dermatology. She’s been involved with and still is in many committees, such as: LMP co-Lead, UBT, NPC, Safety, and more.  Lusine is married and has three wonderful children, ages 23, 14, and 12.  She loves spending quality time with her family.   She became active with the union a few years after starting to work at Kaiser and has been involved on and off throughout her career. Lusine has received help by Union Officers in the past when needed and saw the opportunity therein to make a difference to others.  “I have the stamina to undertake anything, the courage to stand up what is right and do what must be done, and the compassion to help others,” she says.  Additionally, compassion to her is to suffer alongside others.  These are a few of the many qualities that she wants to bring to The Union with her position.