Parkview Bargaining Update: October 17, 2018

Bargaining team to Parkview management:
Put patient care first

The UNAC/UHCP-PRNA bargaining team went back to the table on October 17 with a clear roadmap for management: put patients first.

With our negotiations continuing into the fall, we made an agreement with management to extend the contract through December 31 and offered management additional bargaining dates to get things done before the holidays—and before the final approvals of Parkview’s sale to AHMC
Healthcare Inc. Please come out to support us at the next scheduled session: October 22 at Ayers East in Corona at 10 a.m.

You will have more opportunities to participate in negotiations and let management know that the pending sale to AHMC should make improving
Parkview easy, not complicated.

On Wednesday, we put another slate of proposals back on the table that would:
* help whoever owns Parkview invest in patients not payoffs, and
* protect this community with safe staffing and high-quality care.

AHMC has stated that it will honor all collective bargaining agreements. UNAC/UHCP-PRNA will continue to work hard to hold them accountable to the statements made to our members and the community. We support the sale of the hospital to AHMC in order to continue to provide the best care
to our patients and our community.

“Many of us grew up here.” said Norma Biagi, RN. “It’s important to me to be able to take care of the people of this community.”

Help us make a difference at the bargaining table: Watch your email for details.