Parkview Bargaining Update: October 30, 2018

Our PRNA bargaining team met with management on October 29 for another round of contract negotiations.

A tentative agreement was reached on Article 8 – Corrective Action and Discipline, which includes the following improvements:

  • The Employer commits to training and education of Department Directors/Managers regarding Individual Action Plans.
  • We reduced the time that a verbal warning stays in the department file to one year within its issuance.

Focus on Patient Safety, Protection of Nurses, and Our Licenses

We discussed patient and nurse safety issues around management’s proposal for Article 6 – Patient Care Advocacy, Supervision and Professional Responsibility.

  • Floating language: Management is creating a float pool/matrix that we object to
  • Cancellation language still shows traveler favor
  • Management’s proposal shows continued favoritism of travelers over Parkview staff RNs

The RN bargaining team and member observers had productive conversations around hours of work and overtime, staffing, scheduling, and weekend work.

We encourage all members to wear your blue UNAC/UHCP shirts in support of one another and attend our scheduled bargaining sessions! Your continued involvement at negotiations is critical to our success.


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