Protect Patients and Pharmacists: Call for a No Vote on SB 617

SB 617 calls for a change to the pharmacists to pharm techs ratio from 1:1 and 2:3 to a simple 1:3.

It’s a profit-driven proposal by CVS which could jeopardize patient safety.

The bill will be heard in Sacramento on Monday, April 22, 2019 in the
Senate Business and Professions Committee.

Senator Bob Archuleta is a key vote on the committee who could help us protect patient and pharmacist safety.

Click here to email Senator Archuleta urging a no vote on SB 617.

Copy the text below and paste it into the body of the email:

I’m emailing to voice my opposition to Senate Bill 617, regarding Pharmacy Tech Ratios. I am a Pharmacist in the State of California. SB 617 will jeopardize patient safety.

Every prescription filled in a pharmacy must be checked and double-checked to prevent medication errors and protect the public. Pharmacists are the last line of defense in this crucial process. Preventing medication errors requires the utmost care and attention to detail. SB 617 jeopardizes our critical role by threatening to severely divide the attention of supervising pharmacists. The proposed requirement for a pharmacist to supervise three techs instead of one is a 200% increase. This bill will do nothing to improve care. It’s about increasing profits for corporate commercial pharmacies.

Please vote no on SB 617, for the safety and quality of care of your constituents and all Californians. Both patients and pharmacists need your help.