Ratio Waiver Expires, Facilities Must Reapply

As most UNAC/UHCP registered nurses are aware, back in March, Governor Newsom issued an executive order waiving enforcement of nurse-to-patient ratios as part of a group of orders declaring a state of emergency to address the pandemic.

Although the waiver expired on June 30, the State has given hospitals two weeks to staff up to DHS ratios. Going forward, any waiver will require an application and approval that will only be valid for 90 days. At that point, the facility must reapply.

Unfortunately, as we know, with new records of infection and hospitalization rates being set almost daily throughout California, many of our hospitals will probably meet the waiver requirements. We have a fight on our hands as a country. There is a mass call for travelers across the nation and there aren’t enough travelers to staff every hospital that needs them during this COVID-19 crisis.

We know you’re fatigued from fighting this virus for months and the prospect of worse days to come is daunting. We have never seen anything like this pandemic in our lifetimes. If you need help, reach out. Alert your officers, your stewards, or your staff rep. Support your teammates and take care of yourself.