SCNSC Officer Candidate Bios

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Officer Candidate Biographies


Mary Ann Tsutsumi

For Vice President North (Los Angeles Medical Center, Region)

My name is Mary Ann Tsutsumi and I am hard working, attentive, calm, and polite. Most of my life has been in California where my professional skills developed. I work in a diverse community where I am able to communicate and make effective decisions with all ethnic groups. This has allowed me to be open and understanding to their cultural beliefs. I love baking, enjoying Zumba three times a week, taking walks in the park, and spending time with my family and friends. Every year, I bring a turkey and groceries to my church to distribute to food pantries and men in active duty. My community service to those in time of need is one of my deepest passions to fulfill. I am capable of being in a leadership role because I guide others when they are struggling and needing assistance. I have observed how this helps make them prepared and more educated. I strive to complete my responsibilities in a timely manner and I support others by being able to critically think in difficult situations. A vote for me is a vote for power and a voice to succeed in our workplace.


Susan George-Rydberg

For Vice President North (Los Angeles Medical Center, Region)

Susan George-Rydberg, BSN, RN

Hello My Fellow SCNSC Members,

For 7 years I have been employed at Kaiser Permanente, always as a represented employee as a participant of UNAC/UHCP or SCNSC. My nursing degree comes from the University of Michigan.

Yes, I am a transplant, like so many of us in California and in the USA. I am a second generation American, my grandparents travelled to the US from Lebanon. I come from a union family and have a deep belief in this system of representation.

You can find me at 1505 N. Edgemont in the department of Neurology, Specialty Case Manager, working with neuromuscular patients.

May I offer my service to the membership of SCNSC at LAMC as your vice-president? My heart and ears are open to you as my colleagues, so I may participate with you, and represent you as you see it best.

Our participation is as important as your representationWe are all very busy, and we all need to have our voices heard, I ask for YOUR VOTE showing you have confidence that I am your choice for Vice President North – LAMC Region.

In Unity, Sincerity and Solidarity,
Susan George-Rydberg, BSN, RN


Mario Calderon

For Vice President North (Los Angeles Medical Center, Region)

I am a patient RN educator who believes strongly that information, education, and knowledge are the keys to success and well-being.  I credit my success with members to an approach which heavily values good communication and mutual respect.  I understand that while our backgrounds and opinions may vary, we can still communicate effectively with one another when we bring an open mind and a kind heart to our dialogues.


Latatsha Keeten

For President South (unopposed)

Latatsha Keeten “Tasha” severely ill in a hospital bed years ago as a patient, scared and frightened endured what she thought was unsafe. This undoubtedly led her wanting to help the disabled population and become a Nurse. For the last for 18 years as a Registered Nurse, while obtaining her MSN & MBA, she has freely supported the fight for nursing healthcare regulations. Working in a variety of hospital settings over many years has proven the need for Latatsha to continue advocating for all Registered Nurses. She has been a UNAC/UHCP Steward for nearly 5 years. Latatsha has attended a variety of Union trainings along with all combined Steward trainings. She has participated with Union volunteer activities, such as donating personal items to the selected Orphan homes and County Shelters. Above all, Latatsha was recently elected as a SCNSC delegate to represent our peers at the 2018 UNAC/UHCP State Convention.