Sharp RNs: We Need Your Input!

September 1, 2016

We need your input ASAP!

Last week in bargaining, Sharp management proposed a clinical ladder, consisting of Clinical Nurse 1 (CN1), Clinical Nurse 2 (CN2) and Advanced Clinician (AC). Management’s proposal would require CN1s to have either 3 years (with a BSN) or 5 years (with an Associate) of RN experience, and complete a series of five different roles/expectations to move to CN2. Management’s proposal would pay CN2s five percent (5%) more than CN1s. To move from CN2 to AC, CN2s would be required to have a BSN or higher degree, 5 years of RN experience, and complete a series of ten different roles/expectations. Management’s proposal would pay ACs six percent (6%) more than CN2s.

We do not agree with management’s proposed clinical ladder requirements. We did, however, tell management we would survey you to understand if there is any interest in a clinical ladder. Please note that if your bargaining team were to consider the clinical ladder concept, we would negotiate different roles/expectations for the CN2 and AC levels.

Please answer this short questionnaire to let us know how you feel about a clinical ladder:

Please note that all fields in the survey are mandatory and we must be able to verify that you are a Sharp RN for your response to count. Only one response from each RN will be tallied.

Your Sharp Professional Nurses Network (SPNN) Bargaining Team

CLICK HERE to access the clinical ladder interest survey