UNAC/UHCP General Election Endorsements and Recommendations

In preparation for Election Day on Tuesday, November 6th, we’re releasing our list of UNAC/UHCP endorsed candidates and ballot propositions for your consideration. After the statewide primary election in June, 93% of our endorsed candidates advanced to next month’s general election.

Our support of these candidates and ballot measures is determined by our member-driven Political Endorsement Committee, which meets regularly during election years to educate and interview prospective candidates about our issues as health care professionals.

Statewide Constitutional Offices
o U.S. Senate: Kevin de Leon
o Governor: Gavin Newsom
o Lt. Governor: Dr. Ed Hernandez
o State Treasurer: Fiona Ma
o Attorney General: Xavier Becerra
o State Controller: Betty Yee
o Secretary of State: Alex Padilla
o Insurance Commissioner: Ricardo Lara
o Superintendent of Public Instruction: Tony Thurmond

Statewide Ballot Propositions
o Proposition 1 | YES: Authorizes Bonds to Fund Specified Housing Assistance Programs. Legislative Statute.
o Proposition 2 | YES: Authorizes Bonds to Fund Existing Housing Program for Individuals with Mental Illness. Legislative Statute.
o Proposition 3 | NEUTRAL: Authorizes Bonds to Fund Projects for Water Supply and Quality, Watershed, Fish, Wildlife, Water Conveyance, and Groundwater Sustainability and Storage. Initiative Statute.
o Proposition 4 | YES: Authorizes Bonds Funding Construction at Hospitals Providing Children’s Health Care. Initiative Statute.
o Proposition 5 | NO: Changes Requirements for Certain Property Owners to Transfer their Property Tax Base to Replacement Property. Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute.
o Proposition 6 | NO: Eliminates Certain Road Repair and Transportation Funding. Requires Certain Fuel Taxes and Vehicle Fees be Approved by The Electorate. Initiative Constitutional Amendment.
o Proposition 7 | NEUTRAL: Conforms California Daylight Saving Time to Federal Law. Allows Legislature to Change Daylight Saving Time Period. Legislative Statute.
o Proposition 8 | YES: Regulates Amounts Outpatient Kidney Dialysis Clinics Charge for Dialysis Treatment. Initiative Statute.
o Proposition 10 | YES: Expands Local Governments’ Authority to Enact Rent Control on Residential Property. Initiative Statute.
o Proposition 11 | NO: Requires Private-Sector Emergency Ambulance Employees to Remain On-Call During Work Breaks. Eliminates Certain Employer Liability. Initiative Statute.
o Proposition 12 | YES: Establishes New Standards for Confinement of Specified Farm Animals; Bans Sale of Noncomplying Products. Initiative Statute.

For local candidate endorsements and ballot proposition recommendations, please click on your county below to view the local voter guide.

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