UNAC/UHCP Family Now Includes Kaiser Maui

We are proud to welcome employees of Maui Kaiser Permanente into our union family. In a first for UNAC/UHCP, we will represent more than 840 members outside of California.

These new members joined us from another AFSCME International affiliate—Hawaii Government Employees Association (HGEA). Kaiser Permanente took over the Maui Health System, which had been privatized by the State of Hawaii. UNAC/UHCP President Denise Duncan, RN, and Executive Vice President Charmaine Morales, RN, traveled to Hawaii several weeks ago to meet the new members and showcase the benefits of UNAC/UHCP representation.

The Maui bargaining unit includes health care workers of all stripes—from nurses and pharmacists to clerks and technicians. By joining more than 32,000 sisters and brothers at UNAC/UHCP, the Maui Health System members gain significant strength in dealing with Kaiser Permanente.

Please join me in welcoming our new members!

In unity,

Denise Duncan, RN
President, UNAC/UHCP