UNAC/UHCP Takes on Sacramento

With the constant and never ending attacks on labor, political advocacy matters and UNAC/UHCP members continue to be a strong voice in patient care. Every year, we work on and sponsor legislation that directly impacts the health, safety, and working conditions of our members.

On April 2, United Pharmacists of Southern California (UPSC) members traveled to Sacramento for California Pharmacy Legislative Day.

Members received an update from key leaders in the Capitol on recently introduced 2019 legislative measures that will have a direct impact on patient care and profession. Pharmacists broke into small groups for appointments with legislators or their staff to voice opinions on upcoming measures and to share the important work that pharmacists perform on behalf of patients.

UNAC/UHCP registered nurses also traveled to Sacramento on April 2. Lakewood RN Melinda Guzman, Garden Grove RN Abed Abu Eid, and two members of the Chino Valley RN bargaining team, Sonia Chesterfield and Jennie Masaoy, are pictured here with Senator Connie M. Leyva.

“We were given the chance to talk to Senator Leyva, other legislators and members of their staff regarding our personal experiences,” says Chino Valley RN Jennie Masaoy. “I was starstruck with Senator Leyva. At the end of the day, we were tired but felt proud and accomplished. This was a once in a lifetime experience. Thanks to our union, UNAC/UHCP, we were able to advocate for nurses and our patients. In the few months that I have been with UNAC, I have felt recognized. For 16 years being a nurse in the U.S., I’ve never felt that I’m important. And I’m proud to tell that I’m a UNAC leader.”