VICTORY! SB 617 Defeated

On May 16, Senate Bill 617 died in the Senate Appropriations Committee. SB 617 attempted to change the pharmacist to pharmacy technician ratio from 1:1 to 1:3. This has been the third attempt by CVS to change the ratio and we were able to kill it again. This was a profit-driven proposal that would have ultimately led to tougher working conditions, compromised patient safety, and cost pharmacist jobs.

This victory is in large part due to our power and activism. We advocated on behalf of our patients and our profession—many traveled to Sacramento to meet with legislators, hundreds of UNAC/UHCP pharmacists made calls, and many more wrote letters to state senators letting them know we opposed SB 617.

As in the past, we believe CVS will try again next year. As UNAC/UHCP pharmacists, we will continue to work together to fight these threats to patient safety and to uphold the highest standards of care.