UNAC/UHCP History: 2020s

Living History: UNAC/UHCP in the 2020s

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2020: Paradise Valley registered nurses vote to join UNAC/UHCP.

In late February, the group votes to join UNAC/UHCP a few weeks before the COVID pandemic hits. The first Paradise Valley contract was ratified in 2021.

2020: Covid pandemic permanently alters our lives, pushes registered nurses and health care pros to the brink.

3,600 health care workers lost their lives in the first year of the pandemic.

2020: Kaiser Permanente physical, occupational and speech therapists across Northern California join UNAC/UHCP.

UNAC/UHCP expands servicing area to Northern California. The group’s first contract was ratified in 2021.

2020: Kaiser physical, occupational and speech therapists across Hawaii join UNAC/UHCP.

The United Therapists of Hawaii become the third Hawaii chapter.

2021: The first class of Alexis G. Philius Scholarship recipients inaugurate a new scholarship for students of Black/African descent.

Lack of diversity has significant consequences on health outcomes, health equity for patients and communities of color. UNAC/UHCP has decided to address underrepresentation in health professions with this new scholarship.

2021: UNAC/UHCP members beat back two-tier.

UNAC/UHCP members at Kaiser Permanente beat back a two-tier proposal from management and maintain all benefits, while three new groups join UNAC/UHCP in Hawaii and Northern California.

2022: Kaiser audiologists, dietitians, health educators and speech pathologists across Southern California join UNAC/UHCP.

This new affiliate marks the ninth regional group in UNAC/UHCP.

2022: SPNN members win a historic contract protecting patient advocacy in the contract and recruiting and retaining registered nurses.

The comprehensive agreement made great progress to address the recruitment and retention crisis, raising base wages from $15-$20 per hour over 24 months for all RNs.