About Us


We are 35,000 registered nurses and health care workers united to build a better workplace and a healthier world.

We are advocates at the bedside and beyond. We believe empowering caregivers through a union leads not just to higher-quality and safer care, but also benefits our communities.

We recognize that individual health is tied to the well-being of our communities and the earth itself. When our neighbors have homes and safety, decent jobs with a fair wage, access to clean air and water, nutritious food and open spaces, we are less likely to see them as patients. We know our work doesn’t stop when we clock out. Many of us volunteer to help vulnerable members of our community and improve the lives of those outside of hospitals.

We know that access to equitable health care matters. We fight for universal coverage because we’ve seen the dire consequences of delayed diagnosis and treatment.

We are UNAC/UHCP and we believe everyone deserves a chance to live a full, healthy life.