2024 AFSCME Convention Delegate Candidate Biographies

AFSCME Convention Delegate Candidate Biographies

Robert Jones

I would like to take this opportunity to say that I am truly grateful for the privilege of representing our Union’s members over the years. If you entrust me with your vote for the 2024 AFSCME Convention, I’d be honored to continue serving.

Vote “Rob for the Job” to ensure our Union’s voice is heard loud and clear.

Thank you for your support!

Mandy Hartz

Current Director of Representation for DASH, KLARNA, KPCSP, KPASCO, and KWHPA, Mandy spent her first five years with UNAC/UHCP as Director of Membership Engagement. Inspired by our union’s bold leadership during 2018 National Bargaining with Kaiser Permanente, she accepted an offer to leave her post as Chair of the Healthcare Workers Council of the USW International to join our team. Mandy began her tenure in the labor movement as a Research Analyst under the tutelage of Jane McAlevey in 2007.

Mandy holds several certificates in Executive Leadership from the Harvard Kennedy School’s Executive Ed. program, an M.A. in Political Science from American University and a dual B.A. in Political Science and English from Allegheny College. She co-authored In Demand and Undervalued – the Plight of American Healthcare Workers (American Journal of Public Health. 2019 February).

When not developing frontline leaders, you can find Mandy playing outside with her partner and two Love Nuggets.

Raymond A Cervenka

With 28 years of experience as a Physician Associate (PA-C), including 12 years within the esteemed Kaiser healthcare system, I bring a deep understanding of patient care and the dynamics of healthcare organizations.

My commitment to the highest standards of patient care is unwavering, and I advocate for fair compensation and resources that reflect our dedication. I believe in collaborative negotiations between Management and Labor to ensure equitable solutions that promote efficiency, safety, and a peaceful/productive workplace.

Together, let’s strive for a healthcare environment where professionals can thrive while delivering exceptional care to our patients.

Jane Carter

Jane Carter is the Director of Research, Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs for UNAC/UHCP. She has served as a subject matter expert (SME) during numerous UNAC/UHCP negotiations, including Kaiser national bargaining in 2021, SPNN negotiations in 2022, SFMC bankruptcy in 2020, UTNC and UPHI in 2021, and Beverly Community Hospital bankruptcy in 2023. She is currently a SME to the National Affordability Taskforce.

Prior to joining UNAC/UHCP, Jane was a Labor Economist at AFSCME in Washington, DC for fifteen years, appearing before numerous Congressional panels as well as a subcommittee at the United Nations in New York. She also served as the chief negotiator for numerous AFSCME affiliates across the country. Jane holds a M.S. in Environmental Policy, with a focus on economics of Eastern European nuclear policy, and a B.A. in Political Science and Russian Studies. She is currently a Labor appointee in the Kaiser Permanente Executive Leadership Program at Harvard Business School.

Debra Sung

Hi. I’m Debra Sung and I would be honored to represent UNAC/UHCP members at the AFSCME Convention. I have been involved in many union roles over the past 11 years, Affiliate Officer, Staff Representative and now a Director of Representation. This has given me the opportunity to support our current members, as well as help organize new members and assist them in bargaining for the needs of their collective. I am passionate about people coming together and communicating to resolve issues and improve lives. Please vote for me as one of your representatives for the AFSCME Convention.

Jennifer Auby Rosenblad

Passionate and dedicated ER nurse with 29 years of hands-on experience at the bedside. Advocating tirelessly for patient care and nursing rights I proudly stand for union representation believing in the power of collective bargaining to ensure fair treatment and safe working conditions for all healthcare professionals.

Loan Nguyen

Loan Nguyen for AFSCME Convention Delegate 2024

***Vote for Loan Nguyen***

Please vote for me as your delegate and for Diversity. In our union. I believe in people having a voice from the most vocal to the most reserved. We should be listening to each person’s opinion. Not just who can be the loudest. Advocacy for union members can look different to each person. As your delegate, I pledge to represent members since we have no union without its members. Members are the most important part of a union. I’ve been an active union member since 2013 and have seen the power of expressing your viewpoint. Humble beginnings as a refugee instilled in me a sense of community service and union representation is vital part of service to our members.

Experience: 2020-present UNAC/UHCP Board of Directors
2016-2020 United Therapists of Southern California Secretary
2023 NUCHHE Convention Delegate
2018 UNAC Convention Delegate
2022 UNAC Convention Delegate
2013-present Union Steward

Rosemarie Yongvanich

“How does this union worker tell a bedtime story? Once upon a time and a half…” I asked for your vote. My name is Rosie Yongvanich. I’m a pharmacist in Kona, HI. I belong to a baby union. We all signed cards in 2019. But no contract-all negotiation. My union would not have been able to scream, shout or even say “Goo Goo Ga Ga”, if not for the threat of a strike from UNAC/UHCP in November 2021. The contract provided fairness, safety & dignity to the worker, all of which, I strongly believe in. I want to continue to learn and grow with the union, so please vote for me! Let’s keep labor moving forward!