Fifty Years of Patients, Power and Unity

UNAC/UHCP 50th Anniversary Celebration

During our 50th anniversary year, we’ve been digitizing our archives and piecing together our early years with the help of those who were there. We now have thousands of photos that need identification. We’re also hoping those with stories from any time in our 50-year history, even just ten years ago, share them with us.

πŸ“… Explore the UNAC/UHCP expanded timeline, decade by decade:

πŸ“ 1970s timeline
πŸ“ 1980s timeline
πŸ“ 1990s timeline
πŸ“ 2000s timeline
πŸ“ 2010s timeline
πŸ“ 2020s timeline

πŸ“· Help us identify members of yore! Click here to view photos with unidentified former members.

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