Care for Migrants

Thank you for your willingness to care for migrants.

Below are some important things you should know about the on-call response team.

1. Calls for help will be on short notice: A typical text message recruiting volunteers could be sent out 10 p.m. at night, needing help in two hours. Sign up if you are committed—and able—to work with this type of notice.

2. Centers will need help from specific professions, including:
• Registered Nurses
• Nurse Practitioners
• Physician Assistants
• Certified Nurse-Midwives
• WOC Nurses
• Pharmacists

3. Centers will need special types of care, including:
• Wound care
• Pregnancy and post-partum
• First aid
• Those suffering from exposure
• Premature infants
• Pediatrics
• Family Medicine
• Diabetes care
• Infectious disease
• Behavioral health

To join the rapid response team, please fill out the form below.