Count Every Vote

Yesterday marked an Election Day unlike any we’ve seen in our nation’s history. We’re not yet at the end of the most consequential election in a lifetime. Millions of votes remain to be counted. Additionally, there may be court challenges that will have to run their course. Through it all, we must keep in mind the fundamental principle of our democracy—that the voters should decide the winner of our presidential election. Historically, no American presidential election has been decided on Election Day. The process of counting votes for days or even weeks after the election is expected, normal and legal. Every eligible vote must be counted, whether cast via mail-in ballot or at the polls on or before Election Day.

We turn our focus now, as we wait for results, to the nationwide upturn in COVID-19 cases. This is a time where we need strong leadership and guidance. We’ve already lost too many lives to COVID-19 and the impact on health care workers is severe. Additionally, the rights of workers to stand together continue to be attacked. No matter what happens in the days that lie ahead, may we find a way to heal the divisions in this country.