Hawaii Therapists Bargaining Update: December 18, 2020

Bargaining Team Locks Down Nuts and Bolts

Over the past two weeks, our rehab therapist negotiators have labored to secure three key tentative agreements that will ensure the job posting and evaluation processes are fair and equitable.

Bargaining for our first collective bargaining agreement has been steady over the past several months. At the table, we took a deeper dive into issues including job posting, filling of vacancies, performance evaluations and new or revised job postings. Our union continued to remind Kaiser that quality patient care is the end goal.

* The job posting and vacancy filling tentative agreement codified seniority and internal applicant protections for Hawaii therapists with hiring preferences by island setting (inpatient, outpatient and home health) for transfers or demotions, and internal applicants for promotions.

* The performance evaluation agreement allows health care professionals the option to complete (but not require) a self-evaluation and/or a written response to be part of the employee’s record.

* New or revised job descriptions will be submitted to UNAC/UHCP in writing. Any disagreement on new or revised jobs can be addressed through the grievance process with the understanding that if
a new rate is established, retro pay would be paid going back to the date the new job was established or when the new duties were performed.

While negotiations will take a break over the holidays, we will pick back up next year.

Download Hawaii therapists bargaining update #7 here.