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Latest News

We are back in negotiations

Through our collective efforts during our 2020 negotiations, our bargaining team secured a vital agreement—known as a wage re-opener—to address our wages this year specifically. This is an opportunity to improve wages that support the recruitment and retention of an excellent staff that provides our community with the patient care and services they deserve. When we unite as members, we win! Our collective advocacy is necessary and strongest when we visibly unite across worksites and communities because we all make Maui Health System successful. We are the heart of Maui Health System.

Bargaining Updates

Download this flyer

Download this flyer

Download this flyer

Download this flyer

Get Involved

The most powerful way we can exercise our collective advocacy is by informing, educating, and mobilizing each other to support our collective bargaining efforts. Here’s what we can do right now to win the strongest possible wages that we deserve:

💪 Join the Contract Action Team

Our success in bargaining relies on our collective strength. When we unite as members, we win! Our membership has developed a Contract Action Team composed of members committed to informing, educating, and mobilizing colleagues to support our collective bargaining efforts. Click on the link below to join the Contract Action Team and to advocate for ourselves and our patients.

🔗 Join our team:

📋 Fill out the wage re-opener survey

If you haven’t already, please complete and submit the survey. Submit your survey to share how wages are impacting your working conditions. This survey also helps us understand how we can better connect community members to bargaining because our community is directly impacted by the strength of our contract. We all deserve a strong contract for the health of our respective communities.

🔗 Take the survey:

Bargaining Information

Future Bargaining Dates Bargaining Team Members
📆 August 22-26, 2022 (virtual)
  • Vanessa Salazar, RN, UNAC/UHCP Staff Representative
  • Jake Elsbernd, PharmD, UNAC/UHCP Staff Representative
  • Elizabeth Linares, Case Manager
  • Audra Lard, RN
  • Jaclyn Ponce, Patient Financial Services
  • Matthew Pelc, CT Tech
  • Micheal Lasko, PharmD

Wage Re-Opener 101

Why did we secure a wage re-opener?

Throughout most of the 2020 negotiations, Maui Health proposed and maintained 0% wage increases for each year of our contract. While we were able to negotiate meaningful increases for the first two years of our contract (2020 & 2021), the employer was not confident in their ability to afford increases in 2022 and 2023. Rather than accept 0% for these years, our bargaining team secured a wage re-opener to revisit this vital matter.

  • Wage re-opener negotiations are strictly limited to wages. The terms and conditions of all other articles in our contract remain in effect until expiration in 2024.
  • Any and all financial increases achieved during the wage re-opener negotiations are improvements we would have not had otherwise.
  • This negotiation cycle is focused on addressing specific, critical issues in the short term that positions us to win the strongest possible comprehensive agreement in 2024. When we negotiate our contract in 2024, we begin with a stronger position on wages.

What are we trying to do at the table?

  • Secure fair wage increases for all bargaining unit members for 2022 and 2023 that recognize our dedication to our patients, ensure that Maui Health remains a viable provider of quality health care in our community, and enable the employer to recruit and retain vital staff.
  • Address critical areas where we continue to lose staff to higher-paying competitors in the market.
  • Create and implement a fair and equitable long-term system to begin to address existing inequities and inconsistencies within specific job classifications.

What is our plan to win?

Our plan to win is rooted in the advocacy that we provide every day we work. Just as we advocate for patients at work, we will continue this advocacy at the bargaining table, worksites, and broader communities to ensure we secure the strongest contract for our patients and ourselves.

Join Our Team

Here’s how you can join the movement to make our next contract even better:

💪 Unity is our greatest strength. Join the contract action team by filling out the form here:

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