Kaiser Hawaii Pharmacists Join UNAC/UHCP

UNAC/UHCP continues to expand our presence in Hawaii.

An overwhelming majority of Kaiser Hawaii inpatient, outpatient and ambulatory pharmacists, have signed cards to join UNAC/UHCP. A third party arbitrator verified the card count on Tuesday, May 19, 2019, and Kaiser has recognized UNAC/UHCP as their legal bargaining representative.

The officers of United Pharmacists of Southern California (UPSC) sent them a congratulatory email, welcoming them to our union:

We encourage you to stand together and stand strong. You will succeed based on your professionalism, integrity, unity and hard work. We are supporting you, along with 32,000 other UNAC/UHCP members!

Our newest members will soon begin the process of negotiating their first contract—choosing their bargaining team, filling out bargaining surveys and going to the negotiating table.

UNAC/UHCP’s Hawaii Office

Only a few weeks before that, UNAC/UHCP celebrated the opening of our Maui office with an open house on May Day/Lei Day, where UNAC/UHCP officers and staff from California joined the members of our newest chapter, United Nurses and Health Care Employees of Hawaii, at their new union home.

See a photo gallery from the Open House here.