Kaiser Permanente Professionals OC Letter

To add your name as a signatory on the letter below, please fill out the form with your name and job class. This letter will go to our coworkers to let them know about our upcoming election to join UNAC/UHCP.



Dear fellow health care professionals,

The UNAC/UHCP organizing committee is pleased to announce our hard work and patience are about to pay off. We have learned from UNAC/UHCP’s General Counsel that a new election to leave NUHW and join UNAC/UHCP will likely take place in mid to late May 2022. This is the news we have been patiently waiting for.

Why is this happening?

Over two years ago an overwhelming group of Kaiser health care professionals took action to leave NUHW for better and stronger representation, and an election was held to join UNAC/UHCP. The victory was certain, unfortunately, NUHW was able to block the count of the votes and delay a new election for two years. Now NUHW has exhausted all of its options and the path has been cleared for a new vote.

What does this mean? 

This means the Southern California Kaiser health care professionals have the opportunity to join UNAC/UHCP and finally have the strong representation we deserve. A victory in this election will give the health educators, audiologists, registered dietitians, and speech-language pathologists the same representation as the nurses, PT, OT, pharmacists, and optometrists among others. There is strength in numbers.

Why would I want to leave NUHW?

Since the inception of NUHW, members have suffered through several long contract negotiations resulting in lost wages, benefits and bonuses. Joining UNAC/UHCP will give us the strength and professionalism at the bargaining table to prevent our wages and benefits from falling further behind.

What can I do to help?

Over the next couple of months, the UNAC/UHCP organizing committee will be preparing for the upcoming election to ensure an indisputable victory. Members of the health care professionals and UNAC staff will be reaching out to provide information, answer questions and mobilize support. We ask anyone interested in helping in this campaign to reach out to their co-workers to help spread the word and get the members of the health care professionals engaged in the election. The more individuals willing to contribute, the more potent we become. We have the opportunity to finally get the representation we have been missing for years if we will only reach out and take it.

We’ll be in touch over the next few weeks with next steps.



The Southern California Health Care Professionals Organizing Committee