KP National Bargaining Update: Nov. 3, 2021

Kaiser Permanente introduced a revised proposal at the bargaining table—and it shows the employer still doesn’t recognize the need to recruit and retain registered nurses and health care workers. While some of the details have changed, this proposal will make short-staffing worse.

The proposal is simply Kaiser’s way of doubling down on its intent to eventually get to a two-tier wage system—through four years of sub-par 2% annual wage increases. Make no mistake, this is not the annual 4% wage increase we’ve proposed: In the first two years, an additional 2% lump sum would temporarily pad our take-home pay. In year three—under the guise of partnering—we’d be asked to take another lump sum payment in exchange for a 15% slash to the wages and benefits of our future members.

This head-scratching proposal begs the question: Does Kaiser Permanente really think our bargaining team would agree to a plan that lets the employer bring a two-tier system through the back door?

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