Making Your KP Psych Social Support Video

Videos are a great way to carry our message that it’s time to join UNAC/UHCP. You can help us make these videos by following the directions below.


(Hold up a blue UNAC/UHCP t-shirt)
(Look directly into the camera)

Say: “I’m voting for UNAC/UHCP! Blue Looks Good on Me”

(Take the t-shirt in your RIGHT hand, keep your arm above waist level, and hand it off as if you are giving it to someone off camera)

Say: “Blue Looks Good on You, too”

(Repeat, using the LEFT hand and passing it off to your left side)

🎬 Example of the video the KP Healthcare Pros put together in 2020

Basic Tips:

  • Be camera-ready 😊 (looking comfortable and confident)
  • Please identify a well-lit and quiet location to film. Natural sunlight is the best lighting so try a location outside or next to a window. (Stand beside the window, do not stand directly in front of it)
  • Have your mobile phone ready and fully charged (use landscape/horizontal mode).
  • Make sure the phone is at eye level (if you can’t hold it steady yourself, use a selfie stick, or (best option) have a friend film you for a good wider shot)

Upload your video

To upload files, please click on the button below or copy the URL to a browser: