Membership Matters Academy 2022

Develop your leadership skills through UNAC/UHCP’s Membership Matters Academy (MMA)

The Membership Matters Academy (MMA) is a nine-week, full-time union residency program for member leaders. MMA is a skills-based program designed to equip members with the training and experiences necessary to become the strongest possible leader for UNAC/UCHP and today’s labor movement.

2022 Membership Matters Academy residents (3 women) smiling



Applications are open 9/19/22-10/23/22.

MMA participants will learn new skills from experts in a classroom environment and through experiential learning in real-time campaigns and projects. By actively engaging in the following core areas, participants will gain firsthand experience in the wide range of work we do collectively in order to build our union.

  • Membership engagement
  • Organizing
  • Contract bargaining and enforcement
  • Public policy
  • Community building
  • Communications