NCAL PA Bargaining Team Candidates

Runoff Elections: October 20 – October 26


Group #7: Santa Rosa + Vallejo/Vacaville/Napa

Sharleen Rubin

“As a TPMG PA for over 16 years, I have witnessed unfavorable changes to our workplace tasks and culture. While we all may not agree on the approach to solving them, I believe we all agree there are professional issues affecting TPMG PAs that our employer has failed to adequately address.

This past year, as the Napa Solano Site Lead, I spearheaded a project with local leadership to identify and improve matters related to PA practice, professional growth, communication, and transparency.

As your elected Bargaining Team representative, I will strive to ensure every PA’s voice is heard. I will advocate for strong contract language that protects our industry leading benefits, provides fair and transparent pay practices, improves working conditions, and allows for increased collaboration.

I recently completed the Napa Solano Leadership Development program where I acquired communication skills that will be invaluable at the bargaining table.

I understand this is a time of uncertainty and anxiety for many, but also see this as an opportunity to implement overdue policy change. I would be honored to represent Santa Rosa and Napa Solano at this critical inflection point. Let’s unite to make Kaiser Permanente the best place to work and receive care.”


Jennifer Van Buskirk

“I’m Jennifer Van Buskirk, a member of the Perioperative Medicine Department at Kaiser SRO since February 2017. I have previous experience in private practice orthopedic surgery and pain management. At TPMG, I experienced and I witnessed the frustrations of us not having a seat at the table…which led me to join the organizing committee earlier this year.

I genuinely enjoy connecting with people, hearing their perspectives, and finding common ground. Fostering a collaborative and inclusive atmosphere during negotiations will be critical to achieve our collective goals and ensure that every voice is heard. Our first union contract presents a unique opportunity to shape our profession. By thinking outside the box and resourcing the diverse experiences of fellow PAs, I am confident we will ratify a meaningful contract that meets our needs and sets a solid platform for the future.

Thank you for considering me for this role. Together, we can contribute to the success of our profession and our organization, while establishing a strong foundation for all PAs to thrive.”


Group #9: San Jose/Gilroy + Fresno/Oakhurst/Clovis/Selma

David Anthony

“Hello my fellow PAs. My name is David Anthony. I work in orthopedics at Kaiser Fresno. I have been a PA for over 25 years. Kaiser has been my home for 17 of those years. My background has been diverse and has included burns/plastics, general surgery, urgent care, and trauma. I have been in orthopedics for about 20 years.

I have seen many changes in the PA profession over the years. I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. Since we have decided as a group to unionize, we need to make the most of this opportunity. For far too long the leadership has been void of PA voices. We have a golden opportunity to change that. I am asking for your vote. What I bring to the table is experience, maturity, along with the ability to build relationships and negotiate with firm but measured resolve.

Resolve to lose NOTHING and gain as much as possible. I know that every facility has their own needs, but there are many things that we all want. I know my role is to represent my constituents and I will work hard for all of you!”


Jamie Staley

“My name is Jamie Staley and I have been an Orthopedic PA at Kaiser San Jose for 17 years. During this time I have helped our department grow from 3 PAs to 10 PAs. I have also helped with expanding the PAs practice within our department. I have been a Supervising PA for the past 10 years and a site lead for 3 years. I think it is super important that PAs manage themselves.  I believe I have the experience, knowledge and drive to represent the PAs on the bargaining team. Thank you!”