COVID-19 Update: Paradise Valley RN Video Series Encourages COVID Prevention

Three of our Paradise Valley RNs have recorded a series of public service videos to help keep our community safe from COVID-19—in partnership with UNAC/UHCP and National City.

As we all know, our hospital and city have been particularly hard hit during the pandemic. That’s why a group of our nurses wanted to do their part to help.

The videos feature Rochielle Jocson, RN, Eleanor Lazo, RN, and Ronald Hungerford, RN, and have been shared on social media by National City and UNAC/UHCP.

They remind people to “Mask up!” “Clean Hands” and “Go the Distance.”

Please watch all three and share them among your own friends, family, and social media followers:

Mask Up
Clean Hands
Going The Distance

All three videos have been translated into Spanish and Tagalog. To watch the translated subtitles, click CC for close caption, then the Settings button to change the language in the subtitles.