Statement: COVID Misinformation Must Be Denounced

November 2, 2022

UNAC/UHCP issued the following statement denouncing COVID misinformation from an election candidate:

“Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, our union members were on the front lines of the response. Treating patients across Los Angeles and California before we had a vaccine or even fully understood the disease, our members faced this unprecedented threat each day to deliver life-saving treatment to thousands of our fellow Californians.

“The work of every front-line worker, first responder, or health care provider to combat this disease was being undercut by misinformation that ignored the dangers and fomented rage over common effective practices such as wearing a mask. This behavior endangered the lives of nurses and directly contributed to hospitals filling to overflow capacity with every new surge or variant of the virus.

“That is why UNAC/UHCP denounces politicians such as David Kim, who is running for Congress in the 34th Congressional District and who actively promoted support from prominent COVID-19 deniers, elevating their dangerous beliefs.”