Charmaine Morales, RN

“Our union’s growth is possible by saying yes. By getting involved. I want that opportunity to be open to all our members. You can take action and make positive change in your work life. We all can. You just have to say yes!”

Charmaine has been a UNAC/UHCP member since 2007, and she has risen fast, from a stand-out steward to Political Committee Chair, 2012 Contract Specialist, and the affiliate Parliamentarian. Charmaine has put down deep organizing roots at her Kaiser South Bay affiliate. She started by organizing affiliate members to walk the picket line in solidarity during other strikes, and doing actions on behalf of UFCW’s local members. Charmaine’s biggest organizing success to date was the lightening-fast organization of over 700 people to protest position eliminations at Kaiser South Bay.

“We are all part of a strong union family. We are not alone,” says Charmaine.