Erica Yvette Mays, RN, CM

As a Case Manager in Inpatient Utilization, I don’t do direct patient care. But I get to take a case all the way through to the end—not just in the hospital, but after they leave. Making sure that after they get well, they stay well. That’s gratifying. And that’s what I want to do as President (South). Some of us on the Bargaining Team feel like the contract is our baby. I don’t want to let it go. I want to see the affiliate through to being fully set up. Make sure that all our hard work pays off.

For so long we were told what to do. Many of my colleagues worked in constant fear of being written up, losing their jobs. I had no experience with unions before. But I’ve become enlightened. Management definitely treats you better when you’re union. What I seek for our affiliate is for SCNSC members to be part of decision-making when it comes to our jobs and our patients, so that when Kaiser is implementing things they actually listen to us. I want all the Case Managers and Patient Educators to know: your opinions are important. Don’t be afraid to speak up.