Linda Church, CNM

I always said I’d never be in a union. When I received flyers or mail from UNAC/UHCP, I would throw it away. I saw myself as a professional and thought that the Union would make decisions for me. It wasn’t how I saw myself professionally, and I know a lot of other midwives felt the same way.

I expected something negative. But now I see the union in a positive role, getting people to talk. I’ve seen our representatives meet with midwives to address the issues in a constructive way. And with management, it’s been about clarification and communication. “Here is what the contract says. So this is not what we agreed to. How can we fix it?” I see it as compatible with my profession now. I see that the Union is for the members.

After the Union was voted in, I chose to become involved. You realize that you’re part of this. You’re in this river, so you might as well climb in the boat and start paddling, so you can get where you want to go. If you do it well, you can build a stronger boat!