Maria Palacio, RN, CM

I’m a loudmouth. As a Case Manager in Outside Utilization, it’s my job to see how fast I can get Kaiser members who’ve been hospitalized outside back into Kaiser facilities. I have a lot of ambitions for SCNSC, and I’m impatient for change. I want to make sure the voices of all our members are heard, and they’re satisfied with their jobs. I want to get it all done now.

Erica Mays, President (South) and I are in constant communication. We’re both new, but eager to learn, and we were on the Bargaining Team together. We saw that it was important to represent all the Case Managers and Patient Educators. I never worked under a union before. From the news, it seemed like they were always on strike. I wouldn’t even have signed up if management was fair to everyone. We’re treated much better now. Management’s attentive about how they talk to us. So if there was one thing I could tell all my members, it would be, make your opinion heard. Come forward and say what you have to say.