Nery Naguiat, CHRN

I know I’ve been at Garden Grove for 32 years because I was pregnant with Randy when I started. Now I’m so glad he’s joined the union bargaining team. The union fights for us. I compare us to other hospitals, where they take benefits away, and administration can do whatever they want to workers. Because we have a contract they can’t do that to us. It’s a big thing to have a union.

I went to negotiations last time three years ago, and I’ve been going again this year. I’ve been encouraging my coworkers to go. There’s going to be a bunch of people going in October. I even noticed a Charge Nurse in ER who was against the union is encouraging nurses to go. Management has proposed to take the Charge Nurses out of the union. Nobody likes that. People say they don’t know what the union is doing for them, but I say go to bargaining and see. The more people that go, the better. Go all the way with the union.