Protect Your License: Assignment Objections Now Online

Major UNAC/UHCP news: the days of paper assignment objections are numbered. Starting today, you can go online and fill out an official objection, on the record, in real-time! All you need is an account on our members-only website, MemberLink.

Assignment Objections put your employer on notice that an assignment is potentially dangerous to the patient or yourself. You should fill out an Assignment Objection if you are given an unsafe, or potentially unsafe, assignment.

Log on to MemberLink today to review the form and bookmark the link Protect your patients and yourself from unsafe work assignments.


By submitting an Assignment Objection, you are notifying management that they are responsible for any adverse effects on patient care. You are not refusing your assignment or trying to abandon your patients. You are also saying that you will do your best to provide appropriate care for your patients.